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The first step consists in addressing important health-related questions about possible pre-existing illnesses, current physical load and ability, and possible risk factors. If necessary, your trating physician or therapist will be consulted. Based on this, I will be working together with you so that you can successfully achieve your ambition.

Nutrition Counselling

In the area of nutrition, it is of particular importance to set oneself ambitious as well as realistic goals. As the main focus is put on long-term success, an effective dietary change, which make your personal nutritional aims more tangible, can be realised. In this way you will have a very good prospect of having the rewards of your achievement for as long as possible!

Coaching for your success

The further development will be adjusted to your individual goals and wishes. At this point, I bank on flexible consultation corresponding with your personal lifestyle. For example, I will gladly support you in your change of diet if needed.

Keeping informed in theory and practice

As a professional and certified physiotherapist with many years of experience in the medical environment, I am able to obtain optimal results, thanks to a combination of both medical and nutritional expertise.

Variable components of nutritional coaching

  • weight management
  • weight optimization
  • strategies for maintaining weight after a diet
  • Preparation for sporting events, photo shootings, events, etc.
  • body fat measurement
  • muscle growth
  • regeneration
  • behavior modification and motivation
  • consultation for nutritional supplement
  • eating behavior reflection

Achieving and maintaining success!

A better understanding about one’s own nutrition is essential for long-term successes. This is why I also critically comment upon subject-specific backgrounds, such as nutritional myths,  macro- and micronutrients, as well as classical forms of nutrition and diets. My nutritional coaching enables you to integrate your newly acquired competences successfully into your everyday life and to attain self-imposed goals without effort.