Bitte drehen Sie ihr Gerät!


The type of optimal therapy tailored for your individual needs is what I am able to determine based on my extensive experience. I am using several efficient methods of examination so as to analyse precisely your health problems. On this basis, I am helping you achieve realistic goals in order to increase your well-being significantly.

Examples for methods of examination:

  • Visual findings of movement behaviour
  • Analysis of risk factors for (recurring) injuries
  • Testing physical capacity and work load
  • Test of active and passive physical ability

Scientifically proven therapy for ideal therapeutic success

I choose my therapy with regard to current and well-funded research results based on longstanding practical expertise. You will be getting feedback on your healing process at any time.

Experience teaches us that, for a full recovery, we sometimes need to do more than just reverse the physical cause. There are also other relevant factors that have an impact on health and wellbeing. This is why I always view my customers as a whole and let parts of my knowledge from other areas slip in, such as mental training or functional fitness.

Getting fitter and keeping fit

My primary goal is to help you regain full physical health at best. At the same time, I would like to support you in building up protective measures against future injuries.